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Insight, Strategy, and Policy Advisory Areas

1. Healthcare and Medical Affairs. Patient Centricity, Social and Behavioural Research, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, and Healthcare Sectors.

Member of the faculty at Behavioral Science Consortium (BSC), Patient Centricity Division at Astellas


2. Global Health & Public Health. Mental Health Consulting, Migrant and Refugee Mental Health Assessment, Mental Health Literacy, Trauma-focused Mental Health Interventions. With regional expertise on the Middle East

Examples of past work include those with the Center for Global Health Diplomacy (CSIS) USA (2010); Cultural Context Workshop for refugee mental health providers, NHS Trauma Centre (2022); and MEDACT in the UK (2013), advisory role in Health impact Assessment (HIA) Report on the Iran-Iraq War and the Health Impact of War and Displacement (2013)

3. Insight and Strategy. Human Centred Research, Cultural Analysis, Social Impact of Technology and Biotech User Experience, Cultural Strategy, Qualitative and Ethnographic Research 

Ethical and social challenges of new technologies, the social life of technology, brand positioning. Past work includes freelance consulting with O2, IKEA, startup companies since 2013


4. Higher Education. Mentoring, Facilitating, Group Performance, Programme Design and Implementation

Past work includes the British Council’s Iran-UK Higher Education panel (2013); Design & Implementation of new undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in US and the UK higher education (2010-2022)

5. Expert Witness Statements. Specialising in Refugee Health, Mental Health, and the Middle East.  

Past work includes providing expert witness statements for Asylum Chamber, the Upper Tribunal, UK 

For consulting queries, please contact here.

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